We Are Experts in Elder Law

At Rehmke Andreve, P.S. you can count on having an experienced and compassionate guide in your corner to help you and your family through some of life’s most difficult decisions. Both Jonete Waters Rehmke and Minta Andreve have worked in Elder Law for many years and they understand the needs of clients and their families. Because each case is different, they take the time to get to know the parties involved and talk in layman terms that are easily understood. Not only that, Rehmke Andreve, P.S. offers flexible scheduling including video chat. Sometimes we also need to make home visits, hospice visits, weekend visits or hospital visits. Our firm understands that adult children work and cannot make appointments during the weekday and try and schedule evening or weekend appointments to see families.

Rehmke Andreve, P.S. assists those who have the time and resources to plan for the future and also those who are dealing with urgent-need situations such as emergency guardianship, disability or civil court cases. Our specialty, however, is Elder Law which includes estate planning, medicaid assistance, elder abuse or helping to transfer assets at the end of life. Because many of these cases can require years of planning and re-evaluating, it is important that we maintain a good relationship with our clients and their loved ones so that everyone involved is comfortable with choices and decisions being made.

Our firm works with clients of all ages. From setting up disability plans for young children to helping a middle-aged couple plan for their golden years, we has the drive and the experience to be a fierce advocate for our clients and their needs.

Rehmke Law Blog

Power of Attorney or Guardianship: The Power of Choice

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I am an Elder Law Attorney

As an Elder Law Attorney I assist families in long term care planning, estate planning, and disability planning. I work with clients of all ages, but specialize in working with seniors, the disabled, and their families. My clients are all ages, but specialize in Elder Law. I have over 31 years of legal experience, 14… See More