I am an Elder Law Attorney

As an Elder Law Attorney I assist families in long term care planning, estate planning, and disability planning. I work with clients of all ages, but specialize in working with seniors, the disabled, and their families. My clients are all ages, but specialize in Elder Law.

I have over 31 years of legal experience, 14 years as a paralegal and 17 years an Elder Law Attorney.

Planning for long term care includes assisting couples with asset preservation in anticipation of filing for Medicaid benefits, completing and qualifying for Medicaid benefits, and filing for Medicaid appeals. Long term care planning may include transferring assets to the healthy spouse or to a disabled or caregiver child.

Estate planning goes hand in hand with long term care planning. In order to make long term care decisions for your family you need to have the right estate planning documents in place. Your Wills, Trusts, Powers of Attorney, Health Care Directives, Spousal Agreements, and Community Property Agreements need to be up to date with the current provisions so that they fulfill your legal needs.

In planning for disability, I make sure that my client’s estate planning documents are up to date so that if they become incapacitated their Powers of Attorney and other estate planning documents provide the protections they require. I regularly prepare Special Needs Trusts for seniors and the disabled, either as a standalone document or under a Will. I work with families in filing Guardianship actions and also represent Guardians in court on a weekly basis.

At the end of life, I assist my clients in transferring assets under Probate or non-Probate actions.

I advocate on behalf of my clients in court in matters of probate, guardianships and elder abuse. I assist clients in filing Vulnerable Adult Protection Orders to protect the vulnerable adult from financial or emotional abuse. I defend parties who have are the subject of an APS Complaint or a Vulnerable Adult Protection Order. I have years of experience in handling contested guardianship and probate actions.

I make home visits, hospice visits, weekend visits and hospital visits. I understand that adult children work and cannot make appointments during the weekday and try and schedule evening or weekend appointments to see families.

My passion is assisting and protecting the elderly from exploitation and harm.