A Situation That Can’t Be Ignored

We see a lot about Elder Abuse in the news and on television, mostly when a very famous or wealthy person is cared for by people who are out for their money. Unfortunately, this isn’t just a problem for the rich as Elder Abuse is on the rise all over the county.

Abuse can be loosely defined as taking advantage of or harming the elderly (over 60 or disabled) in an emotional, physical or financial way. The guilty can be a spouse, family member, in-home care giver, nursing home employee or essentially anyone in a position of trust. Because the perpetrators are typically someone close to them, the elderly have difficulty reporting the abuse because they fear being left alone or unable to care for themselves.

Prosecuting these cases becomes difficult when the victims are often in a declining state of health or may suffer from dementia or memory loss. It is important to document evidence and present a clear case of abuse, not just neglect, regardless of the relation of the perpetrator. In some cases this may result in obtaining a restraining order to protect the victim or the appointment of a guardian to watch closely over the well-being of the victim.

We take care to understand all the pieces to these cases and assure that the outcome provides for the proper care and placement of the elderly or disabled. Our ultimate goal will always be the protection of the victims.

We also provide assistance to individuals who may be wrongfully charged with elder abuse and wish to defend the charges against them.

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