Civil Lawsuits Require an Experienced Litigator

Civil Litigation involves the process of filing and litigating any lawsuit that is non-criminal in nature. Examples of non-criminal suits are Alimony, Personal Injury, Debt Collection/Settlement or Discrimination.

As litigators, our first priority is to tell the client if they actually have a case. Once established, we can help determine the best venue for the case. Some lawsuits are best settled out of court but others will be better argued in a courtroom. As the suit progresses we represent the client, who is either plaintiff or defendant, and further advise on when to settle and what monetary compensation if reasonable.

As with all aspects of the legal profession, each case is different. We have extensive knowledge of the laws of the state and can help our clients make informed decisions before taking on what could be a financially devastating court case. Please talk to us before making any big legal decisions. We will give you a fair and reasonable assessment of your options.

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Whether you are the plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit, you want to have an experienced litigator to advise you and fight for you in and out of court.

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